• Ann Zitzmann

Truth's Challenge to Us

Truth permeates every inch of the physical world, yet it can’t be uncovered through our efforts in intellectual precision and reductionism alone. The knowledge that it offers is transcendent. It doesn’t operate within the boundaries of pure objectivity. There is an intangible, touchy-feely element to Truth that escapes being captured in a single medium or articulated in a single formula.

As frustrating as Truth’s transcendent character may be, it’s this very aspect which allows it to endure through the ages. Its transcendence allows all who may ever tread this world an opportunity to know it from their unique perspective in space and time. It’s able to adapt and present itself in any language or form so its intended receiver can understand and accept it.

Regardless of the means through which we receive Truth, we know when we’ve borne witness to it. We feel it when our intellect and intuition converge to birth new knowledge within us. We experience a momentary suspension from the boundaries of our ego as we receive it, and as we land back in our bodies with this new knowledge, we taste a bit of dissonance with a reality that no longer looks or feels as it did before we knew Truth.

But this is what Truth does. It challenges us to change. It stimulates us to evolve and grow. Life isn’t meant to be the same after we’ve received it. It puts us in the position of having to choose what to do with our new knowledge. This is what makes Truth hard to handle sometimes. It makes itself known to us, but it doesn’t tell us what to do with it. We’re responsible for interpreting what kind of change we’re supposed to make.

Truth doesn’t present itself through a simple transmission of objective facts or formulas. We can’t just quietly observe and study Truth from a comfortable distance. We must feel it if we expect to know it, and once received, we must choose how we will incorporate it into our lives. Truth is the means of evolution, it’s not evolution’s end.


Take a moment to reflect on the last time you received Truth. Was it an exclusively objective experience or was their an element of sensation that came along with your insight?

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