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  • Ann Zitzmann

The Mutability of Morality

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

No moral system can rest solely on authority.

~ A.J. Ayer (1910 - 1989 C.E.)

Our understanding of right and wrong is built on our own observances and experiences of life, not on trusting in the authority of another’s views. It’s our duty and responsibility to examine the origin and context of another’s view before we choose to incorporate it into our life. We need to pause and reflect on whether their ideas agree with what we’ve experienced. Life would be easier if we could all agree on a single system of morality, but right and wrong are not transcendent concepts. They are mutable. They are determined by who is observing, and they evolve over space and time as we learn new information about ourselves and our world.


Take 10 minutes to reflect on a view of right or wrong you hold. It could be the best way to make a bed, the best way to make a living or what makes for a poor leader. Then cross-examine this view: When did you first take on this belief? What evidence do you have to support your view? Is it possible another may disagree with your conclusion?

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